An autistic savant who speaks like a human radio becomes stagehand for a band of burlesque dancers traveling through the Dust Bowl.

A young woman grows up in an asylum of artists.

In a Section 8 apartment full of chihuahua hair and chicken shit, a traveling therapist falls in love with a mute child whose family calls him The Mystery Baby.

 A life is shaped by journeys through farms, factories, war ruins, and misty mountains of the former Yugoslavia.

 A woman heads off a battle by multiplying herself and seducing an entire army.

 The history of the universe is illuminated by two flies humping on a frosted long john.


I’ll write anything that demands to be written.  Fiction, memoir, lies, confessions, essays, reportage, erotica, fantasy, sci-fi prayer poetry, whatever you want to call it, I like to let genres swap seeds and mutate. 



Demeter in Kansas (from the novel Inside the Wow), Literal Latte

How We Gentrified Lincoln Park, Chicago Center for Literature & Photography

Cheap Meat: A Bachelorette Expose, Bird's Thumb

The Peculiar Fruit of the Savage Chinchilla, Niteblade

Wings of a Boy, Winning Writers (finalist in the 2007 War Poetry Contest)

Cowboy and Bobo, the2ndhand

Good White People and Mongol (book reviews), Bookslut



These Sounds Fall Into My Head, Storyweek Reader, 2014

The Whole Song, Hair Trigger, 2014

Lamb Brain, Opium, 2009 (finalist in the 500-word Memoir Contest)

Heat, Fugue, 2007