Does the same fruit taste different in your mouth than it does in mine? Does your sky look the same shade as the one I see? 

    What makes you proud? What scares you?

    Tell it.

    Tell us what is awkward about your life, and what is amazing. Tell us what you would do if you switched genders (or what happened when you decided to, whether it was one time, or for a lifetime).  What is play to you?  Do you play? What does work mean?  How do you, or would you, raise your kids? Who and what stirs up your love and lust and hate? What have you lost? What fills you with rage?

    If you ruled the world, how would it look?

    I’m collecting interviews from real people from all walks of life.  With your permission, I can post audio of our conversation on the website of Storycorps, a nonprofit dedicated to preserving stories, and/or I can write it up in the REAL PEOPLE TELL IT blog. I might pitch some interviews to magazines and see if we can get them published.  And if you want to remain anonymous, that’s fine too.  Sometimes you just need to get something off your chest.