"Wanting to meet an author because you like her work is like wanting to meet a duck because you like pâté."   -Margaret Atwood

Kate “Kiki” Duva was born in Chicago and raised in a tavern.  After brief stints in Rome, New Mexico, and Bosnia, she returned home, but one day she will live in a place where she can sleep serenaded by crickets.

Rumor has it that Kate has played roles as public school teacher, play therapist, mother, infant massage instructor, community organizer for families, energy healer, acupuncture addict, and street performer.  She once made a haughty oath to remain a self-taught artist, but a generous fellowship from the Fiction Writing department at Columbia College changed that.  Her work has been published in Word Riot, BookslutFugue, OpiumBird's Thumb, Storyweek Reader, and the2ndhand, and heard on Vocalo radio.  Her awards include first prize at the 2016 Bughouse Square Soapbox Speech Awards for "Power to the People Who Care: A Warrior Mama's Manifesto," and first prize in the 2014 Guild Complex Fiction Awards, judged by author Janet Burroway, for her story "Horizontal."

Kate lives to listen to people; to give unheard voices a place to speak; to tell age-old myths from female perspectives; to use dance & spoken word to propel stories off the page; to wreak havoc on gender constraints that have oppressed us all; and to give war the makeover that it so sorely needs.

            Get in touch with her at kateduva@gmail.com.